Visualizing Aviation Safety Reporting

Fort Hill Group created these interactive visualizations utilizing data from
NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System to provide an overview of
the last twenty-six years of aviation safety reporting.

Click any combination of elements in the visualization to see the impact on safety events.

Aviation Safety Reporting

Aviation has long been at the leading edge of safety and human factors data collection due to the high consequences, visibility, and economic impact of accidents. Large and complex sets of operational and safety data offer many potential insights into emerging risks, trends, and hazards. However, deriving meaningful conclusions from these data sources has become increasingly difficult and labor intensive. Fort Hill Group developed these interactive aviation safety visualizations to demonstrate the power of safety data analytics to drive operational safety intelligence.

About the Visualizations

These visualizations are based on a set of 180,000 aviation safety reports collected by NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System. The first visualization provides an overall view of commercial aviation safety reports based reports filed between 1988 and 2014. The second visualization focuses on recent human factors trends by including reports citing specific human factors issues between 2009 and 2014. Together these visualizations provide a foundation for analyzing and tracking both broad aviation safety issues and recent human factors trends. More information on the ASRS can be found at

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The Power of Safety Data Analytics

Interactive tools enable analysts and decision-makers to quickly and easily sift through millions of data elements to understand their operation. Safety data analytics can streamline your organization's analysis process to provide a real-time operational safety picture.

Interactive Analytics

Interactive analytics allows users to quickly drill-down to answer safety questions and identify underlying issues and trends.

Ease of Use

Running complex safety queries involving multiple criteria can be completed by analysts and other stakeholders in only a few clicks.

Accessible Big Data

Interactive visualizations can be developed that fuse many different types of data from multiple data sources in real-time.

Actionable Safety Intelligence

Maximizing the efficient use of safety data empowers analysts and decision makers to target risk mitigation at areas of greatest need.

Partnering with Fort Hill Group

Fort Hill Group was founded in 2011 to help clients identify and manage the risks and benefits associated with human performance in complex systems. Fort Hill Group has provided human factors research and analysis support across many aspects of aviation, air traffic management, and maintenance. Our team of highly-trained analysts has expertise in human factors, safety, systems engineering, data analytics, and computer science. Fort Hill Group has delivered research results to a variety of government and industry stakeholders including the Federal Aviation Administration, The Boeing Company, the National Institutes of Aerospace, and Volpe – The National Transportation Systems Center.

Fort Hill Group can help you better utilize your human performance and safety data to make data-driven decisions. In addition to our data analytics capabilities, Fort Hill Group is experienced with supporting the development of data collection mechanisms, implementing risk analysis processes, conducting human factors investigations, and providing independent human performance safety data analysis.

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